My story

From Mozambique to the world

Lenna Bahule

Singer, Art Educator and Cultural Activist, born in Maputo, Mozambique. Today she transits between her home country and Brazil digging into a constant research and exchange between the afro-cultures and social movements of both countries. In Brazil, where she has lived for 7 years, she has funded a research about vocal music and the different ways of using the voice and body as a musical instrument and for artistic expression.

Her music career path counts collaborations with musicians from different diasporas such as Cheny Wa Gune (Mozambique), Simba (Mozambique), Stewart Sukuma (Mozambique), Mario Laginha (Portugal), Hamilton de Hollanda (Brazil), Mû Mbana (Guine Bissau), Luizinho do Jeje (Brazil), Virginia Rodrigues (Brazil), Benjamim Taubkin (Brazil), Paulo Flores (Cabo Verde), Luedji Luna (Brazil), Itamar Doari (Israel), the writer and her fellow countryman, Mia Couto and many other.

Nowadays, besides the different collaborative craft works, Lenna's authorial works are led by three main projects: NÔMADE, a female vocal music project named after her debut álbum, that was among the 100 best albums produced in Brazil in 2016, whose repertoire has its focus on mozambican indigenous, and surroundings, vocal expressions; a duo called TAUBKIN & BAHULE, in partnership with São Paulo origin bassist, João Taubkin, with whom she has release an authorial live album in 2018; and her solo performances generally named "Raizes" (roots), that are performative fragments of a lifetime journey work in progress, and research, on ancestral body, voice, movement, body sounds and percussive, and traditional instruments from different parts of her homeland continent.

As an art educator, she has been conducting and teaching teachers and performers into group singing, body-voice-movement and folk mozambican related activities since 2013. As an activist, she was the ambassador for "SOMOS MOÇAMBIQUE", an artistic movement that took place in São Paulo, in support to the cyclone victims in Mozambique in the beginning of 2019, where she joined more than 60 local based artists for a beneficial concert in partnership with Connecting Dots, Casa Natura Musical and Red Cross.